Żywieckie Suwakowanie 2019

Last month, I returned to the Żywieckie Suwakowanie for the second year in a row. The festival is a week long, during which, students, amateurs and professionals from Poland and abroad exchange ideas, experiences, and come together to make music!

This year’s artists were Mateusz Dwulecki, György Gyivicsan and Krunoslav Babic, each of whom performed wonderful solos in a showcase concert accompanied by Natalia Domańska at the piano.

From left to right: Me, Peter Malton, Tomasz Hajda, Wojciech Jeliński, György Gyivicsan, Jakub Domański, Natalia Domańska, Jan-Olof Skalenius, Krunoslav Babic

During the week, I had the pleasure to teach, play with the trombone choir in several concerts, and perform with this year’s festival trombone ensemble. I cannot wait to go back next year! I hope to see you in Żywiec!

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