These are the instruments I play.

Bach 42TG Tenor Trombone – 5/3G custom mouthpiece

I use this trombone in recitals and most of the time at the orchestra for repertoire that requires a wider, darker sound quality. I bought it back in 2007, replacing another 42T model I had played since 1999.  I’ve used many mouthpieces with it, since last year, I have been playing with a Griego 4.5 mouthpiece.

Bach 36B Tenor Trombone – Bach 6 1/2 mouthpiece

This is also a tenor trombone like the first one, but with a slightly smaller bore, bell and mouthpiece. I use it for the lighter orchestra repertoire that requires a brighter, smaller sound quality. Although it is approximately 40 years old, it is still easy to play.

Yamaha YSL 871 Alto Trombone – Bach 5C mouthpiece

I use this trombone for classical and early romantic orchestral repertoire, as well as for solo pieces written originally for the instrument. The custom mouthpiece rim allows me to keep the same feeling I would have playing the large bore tenor trombone, while the cup and backbore still keeps the sound focused.