Who cares? they’re just details…

How many times have we thought, “who cares?,” when not holding a note long enough, not breathing in the designated place, or skipping over an articulation that is clearly indicated in the part? Details are commonly regarded as, “the small stuff,” and  are deemed unimportant, or even superfluous. With that in mind, think about what happens when any number of these tiny elements start to pile up, what can we expect of the performance quality in the end? Can overlooking the details result in failing to reach even an average product?

The answer is: Absolutely. The importance given to details depends on the desired quality of the product. If the desired level of achievement is  average or better, attention to detail is of the utmost importance. For an outstanding product it is mandatory: A great product cannot be realized without focusing on details.

Dream cars, high quality clothing articles, fine dining, luxury watches, these are all examples of goods where details are examined and perfected at every stage of production: From the initial concept to the final product, through the quality of materials, special techniques used to form them, the research and development of new materials and techniques, and the quality control measures used to scrutinize them before sale…

What makes these products so expensive, rare, and scarce? What puts them within the reach of only a small number of consumers? The price tag  summarizes the value of the time and standard adhered to during their production. The careful effort put into producing an outstanding product results in the brand and its image. Although the price tag may seem “expensive” from a quantitative point of view, the price asked matches the worth: No more no less.

No detail should be overlooked, big or small. Hence intense scrutiny when identifying them becomes intrinsically crucial. Like the production of the goods described above, when it comes to the instrument, it is during practice that precise craftsmanship should take place. Elements needed to insure such a product are: Careful work and execution of all the components mandatory to play the instrument, exhaustive research and understanding of playing mechanics, and the development of precise planning, which fulfills all technical aspects in each stage of practice. Being meticulous and discerning throughout the production process is obligatory if the result desired is to beget great value.

The result of practice with focus on details results in a product that represents the mastery of those details. It is this product that stands apart from what is merely average.

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